1. Definitions

When the terms below are used with an initial capital letter, they refer to their definition.

Administrator: person, service, or company responsible for the administration of the Site, its operation, and the implementation of the necessary means for its operation, acting on instructions from M COM.

Content: all information, elements, and/or media, regardless of format, intended to be disseminated on the Site.

Operation: maintaining the operational condition of the Site.

Incident: unplanned interruption or degradation of the quality of an IT service provided online on the Site.

Parties: collectively refers to the Users of the Site and M COM.

Services: all online services provided by M COM to Users through the Site.

Site: set of structured documents, called "web pages," composed of content of various nature and format (text, image, sound, video, etc.), animated by software and stored on a server connected to the internet network, constituting the technical support of the aforementioned URL address in the legal notices above.

User: any natural person legitimately connected to the Site, acting in a professional capacity.

  1. Purpose of the General Terms of Use

These "General Terms of Use" (hereinafter "GTU") aim to define the conditions under which any User can use the Services provided by the company M COM via the Site.

  1. Entry into force - Duration

These GTU apply to any User of the Site.

  1. Opposability of the General Terms of Use

These GTU may be modified by M COM whenever it deems it necessary, which the User expressly accepts in advance. M COM publishes and makes available on the Site any new version of the General Terms of Use.

  1. User Responsibility


In their relations, the Parties undertake to correspond, subject to specific cases involving the sending of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, via email. Any email sent will constitute an acceptable means of proof for establishing all facts, acts, and actions of each of them.


No limitation of liability or warranty is granted to the User for any breach of any of its obligations arising from these General Terms of Use. Consequently, the User shall be liable for any damage, including direct, indirect, consequential, special, or incidental damages, physical and/or moral, material and/or immaterial, that it may cause to other Parties or third parties by using the Services or connecting to the Site. M COM implements the best means to ensure the accuracy of the information disseminated on the Site. However, it is solely the responsibility of Users to verify the information disseminated, M COM not providing any warranty in this regard. Its liability could not be incurred in any case in the event of inaccuracy or incompleteness of information appearing on the Site.


The fact that M COM does not claim the application of any clause of these GTU or tacitly acquiesces to its non-performance, whether permanently or temporarily, cannot be interpreted as a waiver by M COM of the rights that arise for it from said clause or its subsequent performance.


Any contrary use of the Site and its functionalities, contrary to their purpose and purpose, is strictly prohibited and constitutes a breach of these GTU and as such may result in the suspension of the Visitor account linked to the User, temporary or permanent, at the discretion of M COM.

  1. Intellectual Property

M COM is the exclusive holder (or licensee by the exclusive holder) of all intellectual property rights present on the Site and in particular the rights of use, display, exploitation, reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation relating to any object composing the Site, including graphic charters, titles, shapes, Site plans, texts, articles, analyses and writings, documentation, photographs, images, videos or any other informational and/or downloadable content, as well as the trademarks and logos posted online by M COM.